About Us



Carolin Kauten

As a pre-teen Carolin was obsessed with her own family history, as only a teenager can be. While her level of obsession has leveled off over the years, it continues to be a subject she can get lost in. The family stories that heirlooms tell, is her passion and could talk about family stories all day. She has developed a career around caring for history and wouldn’t want it any other way. She loves cheese and the Thin Man movies.



M. A. Museum Studies – specializing in collections care

M. L. I. S. – specializing in archives 


Jeff Ksiazek

Jeff has always been obsessed with sound, history, and Sherlock Holmes. His exploration into his own family history began with the discovery that his 2nd great-aunt was murdered in 1918. An archivist/musician, he works on audio preservation and plays with Milwaukee-based Irish trio, áthas. Jeff loves coffee and Doctor Who.

M. L. I. S. – specializing in archives