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 Paris on VE Day, from Episode 3: The Scrapbook

Paris on VE Day, from Episode 3: The Scrapbook

My Favorite Family Heirloom Podcast Episode 3: The Scrapbook

After a bit of a break, My Favorite Family Heirloom is back with Episode 3: The Scrapbook. We talk to Nick about a scrapbook his grandfather compiled while stationed in Paris during World War II.


 Scrapbook Preservation Advice: NO TAPE!

Scrapbook Preservation Advice: NO TAPE!

Number 1 Rule for Scrapbooks,Advice&Links

The Number 1 Rule for Preserving Scrapbooks:  Do not take apart the scrapbook...and more

The beauty of the scrapbook is that every scrapbook is unique. The appeal of scrapbooks for historians, collectors, or even just owners of the scrapbook is that the scrapbook is a collection in and of itself was created as a unique story told by its creator. If you take apart the scrapbook that story cannot be told.


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Genealogy Research

Are you interested in learning more about the history of your family. Memory Keepers Guide is here to help. Family history can be brought to light through the records left behind. We create a Family Report detailing the records that were found and what they can tell us about your family. A family tree will also be included which will help visualize your connection to each family member. 

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We have knowledge of local records repositories and can locate local records. This includes both genealogical and legal records.




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Do you have a family heirloom that you would like to story properly? Would you be interested in learning how to take proper care of your object, or want someone to create a archival preservation project centered around your family heirloom collection?

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Carolin helps to teach classes for the Milwaukee County Genealogical Society, and has given presentations for other societies