And so it Begins . . .

Welcome to Memory Keepers Guide Blog.

This blog is designed to inform and guide the keeper of the family stories. We want to bring you stories and also practical solutions that plague the memory keepers among us.  We hope to bring it all together in a simple and straightforward way, and be a source for learning and information exchange. We are very excited to launch and start spreading the word.

Your Favorite Family Heirloom Podcast was a lightening strike of an idea that quickly became a reality. Every installment will have a guest introducing their own favorite family heirloom. We will discuss the story around the heirloom and find out how to care for the heirloom, so it will last for many more generations. We hope that we can help keep family history around for a long, long time.

This blog we hope, will expand on the information presented in the podcast, but also be a resource of its own. We will lay out easy to follow, practical solutions, while at the same time discuss and break down into understandable bits what is available to help the memory keeper.

As a snippet of what is to come, we have recorded a little preview, and we hope you like it. 

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