The Cowboy Shirt: Notes and Links

Caring for textiles is not quite as intuitive as one might think. There are a number of considerations to keep in mind and in this blog post we will discuss them.  Listen to My Favorite Family Heirloom podcast episode, “The Cowboy Shirt” for more details…

Notes and links from “The Cowboy Shirt” episode

Collections Care Problems in Textiles:

Dust causes dirtiness

Less folds is better for long term storage

Don’t Store near acidic or dirty objects

Store the textile in a box that lets air circulate, not plastic storage bins

Don’t hang textiles use flat storage if possible

Don’t clean your textiles, if at all possible. (if you must read about cleaning textiles below)


Disaster (Fire or water damage)

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For more information check out these links about caring for textiles:

National Park Service: Conserve O Gram Dry Cleaning Museum Textiles

Keep in mind that dry cleaning is not recommended (for other cleaning methods see University of Georgia: Cleaning textiles linked below as well) but if you must dry clean look over these reccomendation. Even on this sheet they exclaim "Very few museum textiles are good candidates for dry cleaning." Understand that dry cleaning is hard on the fabric but for some very specific items dry cleaning might be a choice that you could make. This pamphlet discusses which items it would be ok to dry clean and how to find an appropriate dry cleaner. 

National Park Service: Conserve O Gram "Synthetic Fibers in Costume Collections"

This article details how to determine what synthetic fibers your garment is, and how to preserve them based on fabric type. As time rolls on the increase of heirloom made of synthetic fibers will grow and this information could be very helpful

Missouri Historical Society: Preserving Your Treasures Care and Storage Methods for Clothing and Textiles

Tips and basics for storing textiles, and good general overview of what to think about when learning about storing your textile heirlooms

Smithsonian How Do I Store Antique Textiles as Home?

General overview on how to store textiles at home. There are tips for clothes and cloth as well as for tapestries and rug and costumes. 

 Preservation Begins at Home: How to Care For Your Textile Collection by Julia M. Brennan

Detailed explanation of the cause of deterioration and how to combat them. She talks about handling and storage. Great visuals and resources.

University of Georgia: Cleaning textiles

Focusing on cleaning and storing your heirlooms through various methods: vacuuming, wet cleaning, storing, rolling, Hanging, garment covers and marking a textile. A good general overview as well as a slideshow in how to make padded hangers. 



The Cowboy Shirt of Ronnie Owens

The Cowboy Shirt of Ronnie Owens