Episode 3: The Scrapbook

After a bit of a break, My Favorite Family Heirloom is back with Episode 3: The Scrapbook. Nick talks about his favorite heirloom, a scrapbook compiled by his grandfather, Clarence, during World War II while stationed in Paris. We also look at how to care for and preserve scrapbooks in your own collections.

Scrapbook Preservation Tips

1. Store small and medium scrapbooks upright on a shelf, fully on the shelf.

2. Use acid-free tissue paper between pages to prevent migration of acid between items in the scrapbook. But don't stress the scrapbook binding with too much material.

3. For larger scrapbooks, place them in a larger acid-free box. Boxes also prevent light damage.

4. Keep scrapbooks together to preserve original order.

Check out our blog for more info on scrapbook preservation!